Purity Ave Signature Collection

ADORE gardenia + mangosteen + grapefruit
This fragrance blend is a floral - fruity delight for the senses! A unique combination of gardenia and tuberose enhanced with grapefruit, mangosteen and velvety peach. With this fragrance, your home will feel like a tropical getaway.

BOHEMIAN LIFE rose + dark musk + sea salt
Indulging and seductive aroma of wild roses, dark musk and ozone with notes of powder and sea salt. Exotic, sexy and mysterious, a truly bohemian scent!

BUONGIORNO heavenly coffee
A warm and inviting aroma of rich coffee combined with cream and Brazilian sugar cane. Bring the wonderful smell of a coffee shop in your own home.

BUTTERFLY GARDEN  peony + magnolia + cherry blossom  
A sensual floral blend of blooming peonies, magnolia and cherry blossom. A shimmering garden of floral aroma, sun rays, butterflies and pure delight !

CASHMERE cocoa butter + white musk + coconut
Delicate notes of cocoa butter and creamy coconut poured into a layer of white musk and amber and completed with a soft kiss of jasmine.  A lovely fragrance that perfectly blends warm and sweet notes to create a scent that is as soft as cashmere.

CORAL REEF  palm tree + sea salt + wildflowers 
A clean and fresh scent of pure paradise! Smooth notes of ocean air, sea salt and palm trees with hints of wildflowers. Your tropical escape awaits. 

DAYDREAMING  lilac + water lily + green leaves 
A serene blend of purple lilac blended with notes of water lilies, green leaves and soft musk. A scent that will inspire the imagination and relax the soul. 

GOODNIGHT KISS  sandalwood + cassis + plumeria   
Sweet and earthy combination of amber, shea butter and sandalwood blended with cassis and plumeria. Soft and appealing scent that you'll remember and love.

MIDNIGHT amber + sage + tonka bean
This sensual blend begins with top notes of sage and orange, middle notes of lavender and tonka beans, and followed by base notes of amber, oud and musk.  An irresistible scent that will make you feel romantic throughout the night.

PURPLE COCONUT lavender + coconut + lime
A divine aroma of lavender and sweet coconut with notes of zesty lime and soft traces of vanilla.  This sweet, fresh and relaxing scent is sure to engage the senses.

SIMPLY DELICIOUS cherry + vanilla cream + brown sugar
A delicious blend of vanilla cream, fresh cherries, brown sugar, and caramel with notes of custard and rum.  So rich and yummy, you'll want to eat it, but please don't.

SOMEWHERE IN SPAIN  berries + pineapple + red wine
An energizing and tropical fragrance of citrus and berries, enhanced with hints of sweet basil and splash of red wine. The moment you smell this scent, it will make you feel like you are lounging with a glass of sangria on a luxurious beach somewhere in Spain.

STARDUST jasmine + fig + bamboo
Romance fills the air with this scent! A delicate and flirty fusion of jasmine, green leaves, and fig with notes of bamboo and light musk.

SUNSET MOJITO  mint + mandarine + white rum
Delightfully refreshing scent of fresh mint and mandarin, blended with tropical undernotes of pineapple, lime and white rum. This energizing aroma will have you longing for a chilled sunset mojito.

THE LAKE HOUSE  sandalwood + linen + vanilla
Cozy scent of pure comfort! A beautiful, soft blend of sensual sandalwood, powder, fresh linen and delicate vanilla.

Purity Ave Masculine Collection

GRAVITY  bergamot + greens + amber
An alluring modern fusion of bergamot, aromatic sage and amber, topped off with refreshing notes of ozonic sea and green leaves. The fragrance that will gravitate back towards you.

SOUL  sandalwood + cedar + lavender 
A unique earthy blend with top notes of sandalwood and coconut milk, middle notes of lavender and musk, and bottom notes of tonka bean and oak . The scent that will touch your soul!

JOURNEY  lemon + bay leaf 
This energizing scent of fresh lemon mixed with bay leaf and crisp fir needles unfolds into a heart of refreshing bergamot and sweet tobacco leaf. A journey of luxurious serenity, sure to please both men and women!
If you have any questions about any of our fragrance blends, or if you are looking for a specific scent, please reach out to us at purityavecandles@gmail.com.